What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient tradition of techniques that benefit body, mind and spirit. It includes stretching and limbering, classical postures (called asanas), relaxation, meditation and breathing practices. Yoga contributes to our health, happiness and well-being in many ways. It is an all – round health rejuvenator.


Often people will start yoga classes because they have noticed joint and muscle stiffness or back pain, or they may have difficulty relaxing. However it becomes evident after only a short time of regular practice, that we benefit in more ways than we ever thought possible.



Some of the benefits of regular practice of yoga are:

  • Increased flexibility & mobility
  • Strengthened toned muscles
  • More efficient breathing
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Better digestion
  • Better functioning of the immune, hormonal & nervous systems
  • Greater ability to manage stress
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Improved balance
  • Increased confidence
  • Better self-awareness
  • Decreased mood swings
  • Greater ability to relax
  • Improved sleep
  • Clearer thinking
  • Better focus & concentration


Goulburn Yoga classes include not only physical stretches and movements, but also relaxation and breathing practices. Yoga is the connection between body, breath and mind.The physical postures are usually performed slowly and always with awareness. This is so we can note the effects that the postures are having on our body, our mood and our mind. It is also a safe way to practice. There is far less likelihood of strain or injury if we stay focused on what we are doing. Awareness is the key.