What students say about Goulburn Yoga classes with Jennie:

“I want to thank you for your classes, kindness, attention to detail and explanations of why you do certain poses.

I have thoroughly enjoyed your classes and have benefited greatly from them.” 

 “I love Jennie’s instruction and knowledge, also small class sizes are amazing.”

“Thank you for your wonderful yoga classes. I love them and feel so well in every way.”

“Loved the fact of being able to ask questions and be answered in a clear manner. Also that it was very relaxed and casual. It made it a lot more fun.”

“The classes were great. Taught me to relax better & to stretch properly. I found all the instructions clear and made yoga very enjoyable.” 

“…wonderful yoga sessions & the journey of learning just awesome” 

“I am very satisfied with the class-presented in a professional, yet friendly & open way.”

Here are some responses from Yoga & Sleep workshop participants:

“The Yoga and Sleep Workshop is a ‘must’ for anyone who is having difficult with any aspect of sleeping and for those Yoga Therapists who may have clients who have sleep related problems.
Jennie’s Yoga component of the Workshop gives clear instruction on how to use Yogic practices either, before going to bed or for when you wake in the middle of the night and are unable to go back to sleep.
Carmel has an incredible knowledge of all aspects of sleep dysfunction and how to change patterns of behaviour to help return to a good sleep pattern. We have no idea how much our lack of sleep effects, not only ourselves but others also.
I learnt so much from this course and I know I will be using the information to assist others in the future.
My thanks to both Jennie and Carmel”
Chris Hurditch, Yoga Teacher & Therapist

” I attended the two day workshop in Byron Bay. I would just like to say it was a very exciting weekend .I was only going to attend 1 day but enjoyed it so much I had to back for the second day . The yoga was at a level I could manage well.

The guest speaker Carmel Harrington was excellent. There was so much information re sleep habits. I’m hoping now to sleep better with the knowledge given and the yoga postures. Thank you again for a great weekend . ” 

Joy Clark, Nurse & shift worker, Yoga student

“I would highly recommend this workshop to all-young & old- regardless of their experience/knowledge of yoga. The Yoga & Sleep workshop should be included as a unit in all Yoga Therapy training.”
Judy Walker, Yoga Teacher & Therapist

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Yoga and sleep workshop I recently attended in Moss Vale. Jennie Blevins and Dr Carmel Harrington offered a balanced and informative workshop on the importance of sleep and the brain.
As a yoga teacher I thought I knew quite a bit about sleep and yoga, however it appears I had a lot to learn. The blend of yoga including breathing relaxation and meditation by Jennie and the academic science behind sleep given by Dr Harrington blended well.
I left feeling refreshed, recharged and armed with more understanding on looking after myself and those that are part of my daily life”
Fiona Davis, Dru Yoga Teacher & Therapist

And some comments about Goulburn Yoga weekend retreats: 

“It was an inspiring, relaxing and enjoyable experience. It encouraged me to make the commitment to allocate more time for this type of activity. I have retreats in the spiritual path that I belong but they are only one day. Having a whole weekend to recollect my self was amazing”  Liliana

“…a beautiful balance: harmony of physical (environment, accommodation, body, food & yoga practices) with spiritual aspects & good company. Heartfelt thanks.” Jennifer, psychologist

“It was a very special weekend for us all, one we won’t forget. Thank you.” Kaye, yoga teacher

“It was such a joy to spend time with you again – it is such important work you are doing and I’m so glad you enjoy Silver Wattle enough to do it here. I love the care, knowledge and deep understanding you bring to your work and it shows in the enjoyment of the groups who come to learn from  you.” Susan, Silver Wattle Quaker Centre administration assistant

“I am so grateful for this opportunity to be nurtured outwardly & inwardly & to receive the positive energies from Silver Wattle.The warmth from our leader Jennie and the other participants was beautiful!! Christine, retailer

“(The retreat) was beautifully organised and I learnt a lot. I think of you every time I do Trikonasana and remember to bring my lower hip forward- so much better!” Elizabeth, massage therapist

“Another day would have been lovely.Thank you, Jennie.A loving kindness to body, mind & spirit. You’re a blessing.” Debbi, development manager

” I welcomed all the different routines & instructions as I have felt that with all experiences comes more understanding of my internal experiences & knowledge. I really enjoyed it”. Carmel, sleep research scientist

Lovely venue-very peaceful & beautiful-not too far from home. Beautifully organised…feel a lot better than when I arrived”. Maureen, teacher & Ayurvedic practitioner

” I experienced personal realizations from sustained practice”. Barbara, teacher