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Registration for Video and Online classes is continuing, even though face-to-face classes have resumed.

You can still sign up and receive a weekly 75-minute yoga class video by email at the beginning of each week

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Get lots of extras like live-streamed classes via Zoom, audio meditations and yoga nidras


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I understand that the instructions given throughout this online course are intended only as guidance and realise that it is my own responsibility to adjust my practice according to my own limitations to ensure that no injury occurs. I hereby declare that I take full responsibility for myself during the yoga classes. I agree that any video or audio recording produced by Goulburn Yoga is for my personal private use and not to be shared, distributed, copied or edited either in part or in full in any forum or with any other person or organisation.


The online classes allow you to enjoy the same format as the usual face-to-face GY classes, with limbering, postures, breathing and relaxation. From time to time, I will also send short video sessions and audio recordings of meditations and yoga nidra as nourishing extras.


Here’s a very short spinal limbering practice, as a taster. Enjoy!