Another great weekend at Silver Wattle

What a great weekend we had in November at the peaceful Silver Wattle Centre, where we were right on the edge of a very full Lake George. What a treat it was to see the water birds and the wind rippling the lake surface!

We enjoyed morning hatha yoga classes, flow yoga on the Saturday afternoon, a self-massage session with the delightful & inspiring Elizabeth Hall from Ananda Therapeutic Massage, delicious yoga nidra and meditations and an informative session on using bandhas in asana practice.

“Wonderful location. The garden & setting were really beautiful & really inducive to reflection”

“I got a real sense of progressing through a range of yoga practices”





Jennie was “relaxed, friendly, helpful, supportive-and explained everything carefully. Very welcoming”

“I enjoyed Jennie’s lovely sincere approach. Loved the company ..the venue, very beautiful. Very enjoyable. I’d do it again”